Garden Tool Review: Best Pressure Washers & Electric Lawnmowers 2018

How to Clean Up Your Garden

Falling leaves are a bear to clean up. This is why it is helpful to have a leaf blower or a garden vac on hand. A good option if you do not yet have a garden vac is to look for one that combines leaf blowing with vacuuming. This will turn the leaves into fine mulch which you can use for gardening.

Most leaf blowers are not made for clearing stones or twigs because they can ruin the machine. There are some that are made to pick up small pebbles or twigs but make certain you know whether your machine is designed for this before you attempt to clean anything but leaves up. You always need to be very careful around motorised machine. For more information on this, view the safety guide at Best Electric Lawnmowers UK.



To use your leaf blower, pick a good time of day to do so. Make sure it is going to be a dry day because wet leaves are difficult to move about. You will not want to use it first thing in the morning or at a time when your neighbours are outdoors entertaining guests. Common courtesy will dictate to you when it is not a good idea to use the blower.

Dress appropriately. Make certain to put on safety glasses.  It helps to wear long pants and gloves as well. This helps protect you against the backlash of any debris that gets kicked up as your leaf blower does its work.

Refer to the user manual for any special instructions on how to operate your machine at – Best Pressure Washers 2018. Once you turn it on and start using it, check to see If there is a breeze blowing. If there is, use it to your advantage. Position the blower so that it works with the wind. Try your best to get leaves in piles so that it is easier to pick them up and place them in a trash bin.